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Christian Life Ministries

Salvation is by

Grace Alone,

through Faith Alone,

in Christ Alone.

Raising The Standard of Truth without compromise.

Pastors Neville and Ruth Robinson founded Christian Life Ministries in their home on the

1st March 1987.

The church flourished and after just three years was able to purchase the present property of 11,000 square metres. They erected buildings consisting of a main auditorium to seat some 450 people....double story offices....a separate children’s church and youth facility that can accommodate 220 young people.

The Ministry has remained solid for the past 30 years.

History and direction of the church…..

The first 15 years of the ministry was spent primarily teaching and preaching  “word of faith” doctrines. However, by Gods Grace and Love, the Holy Spirit through a process of time delivered Pastors Neville and Ruth from this name it, claim it, man focused and money making word of faith movement.

This “word of faith” movement has irreconcilable inconsistencies in the application of scriptures causing people to practice error, they are continually twisting the meaning of scriptures to suit whatever the preacher wants to say, they take scriptures out of context, they simply teach to many false doctrines and their practices are filled with error.....

God we believe, because He is truly sovereign, allowed us to go through this learning phase of life so that we would know intimately the errors and dangers of this movement and be properly equipped to help people to escape its strangle hold upon their lives.  

Many good Christian lives have been thrown into turmoil trying to practice these empty, unbiblical promises, laws and steps.....while all the while these teachings continue to promise blessing upon blessing. Many wonderful Christians have been manipulated, used and abused....they have been hurt, treated badly and are now either sitting at home not wanting anything to do with Christianity or church, or they are in a church just going through the motions.

The problem is that if any believer dares to question the teachings, lifestyle, doctrines or practices of the Pastor or church then those believers are deemed to be seditious, rebellious and out of line dissenters,.....they are told to sit down, be quiet and not touch gods anointed....and so effectively their voice of reason has silenced.    

FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS and they will continue till Jesus comes.....Pastors Neville and Ruth now teach “Solid Doctrine” based on biblical truth and proper exegesis. They do so without fear or favour....THERE ARE NO CAMERA, LIGHTS AND ACTION but people’s lives are stable. Believers attending have a solid foundation and are able to live out their lives in joy, peace and confidence.

Heart of the Pastors:

Pastor Neville is a preacher of the word of God.....his ministry is that of encouraging, motivating and teaching sound doctrine to believers.

Pastor Ruth is a teacher of God’s word....her ministry is one of bringing clarity to the scriptures.

Pastors Neville and Ruth with their children Timothy, Nathan and Zoe.